At Aise, we’re solving a big problem:

Americans are stressed about money. And one of the main factors of this stress is monthly bills and routine expenses. 

With the help of employers, Aise introduces true financial wellness to the workplace.

We tie the financial obligations and bills of our end user employees directly to their paycheck to give employees a complete understanding of their financial picture so they can better save, invest and live a better financial life. 


Financial Health.


The way we pay bills is a stressful and inefficient process.

Most of us pay bills online using autopay with staggered timelines.

This leads to poor money management and bad financial decisions.

But there's a better way.


About Aise

Aise is dedicated to providing our users with financial certainty through our convenient platform that permits all of a user’s financial obligations to be deducted directly from their payroll check and distributed to all of their bill providers.

Through our platform, the user has a complete picture of their financial health, where their money is going and how to better save for the future. The user-friendly dashboard displays detailed, yet easy to understand, data analysis, providing the user with a complete picture of their spending and savings compared to their similarly-situated peers. 

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By teaming up with health insurance providers and employers, the Aise platform is offered through employer plans as a benefit to the workforce, resulting in significant monetary gains and improved efficiency for the employer and insurance provider.


Our adaptable dashboard may also be customized to reflect employer-specific data requests and employer logos to better support an employer’s unique corporate environment and culture.

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Our Platform

Aise partners with bill providers and creditors nationwide to connect APIs that funnel specific bill information to our platform for our Aise users. From there, the Aise SaaS solution is easily integrated with employer payroll to deduct a specified amount for each user by aggregating all current obligations from payroll to the Aise platform where it is then disbursed to the appropriate bill provider or creditor.


With Aise’s business partnerships, all cash transfers are handled through reputable payment processing partners and financial institutions to guarantee user data is kept secure and cash transfers are conducted in accordance with applicable law. 

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The Aise dashboard then analyzes all data surrounding a particular user to provide them real-time access to all of their financial obligations, their savings goals, and their credit score. Aise’s technology then compares that data (in an anonymized and aggregated fashion) to other users and data sources to provide the user with a complete picture of where they “fit in” in the financial world.

A user can select various data sets such as average spend on bills per bill provider, their percentile of financial spend, debt, and savings and where they fit in when compared to other similar-situated users according to user-selected geographic parameters.


The Aise Advantages

For the Employer

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Independent research points to savings of up to $3 for every $1 spent on financial wellness tools. Additionally, employers that invest in such tools see increased employee retention, productivity, and efficiency.  Due to the direct link between excellent financial management and excellent physical health, insurance providers offering the Aise solution to their groups see a direct return on investment by decreasing health care costs for their group members over time.  Simply put, Aise helps improve a user’s physical health through financial certainty, which in turn makes that user cheaper to insure.

For the End-User

The end-user will never again have to track their bills, enroll in auto-payment or wonder if they’re paying too much for a particular service or product. The Aise solution provides the user with complete access to all of this data while also giving them complete financial certainty that the money they receive in their bank account on payday is THEIR money. All of the user’s financial obligations have already been deducted from their paycheck and paid through the Aise system, leaving the user with the comfort of knowing that the money in their bank account on payday is truly their discretionary income.


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