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Financial Health.

Aise offers employees a complete understanding of their financial picture so they can save, invest, and live a better financial life.


Americans are stressed about money.

The way we pay bills is a stressful and inefficient process. Most of us pay bills online using autopay with staggered timelines. This leads to poor money management, overdrafts, hidden fees, and bad financial decisions.

2/3 of the population lives paycheck to paycheck.

32% of people run out of money before payday.

Stressed employees are 10x less likely to finish tasks.

Unhealthy employees cost $413 more to insure each year.

There is a better way.

Introducing Aise, convenient, predictable financial wellness. The Aise app helps you to understand your true financial story, empowering you to live stress free and money smart.


For Employees

The end-user will never again have to manage financial obligations across multiple platforms, enroll in auto-payment or wonder if they’re paying too much for a particular service or product. All of the user’s financial obligations are deducted from their paycheck and paid through the Aise system.


For Employers

Research shows that employers will save up to $3 for every $1 spent on financial wellness tools and investing in employees keeps employees. By improving a user’s physical health through financial certainty, the Aise app leads to increased employee retention, productivity, and efficiency.


84% of Gen Z and 79% of millennial employees said they would leave their current employer for better financial wellness benefits.

How it Works

How it Works

Add your accounts.

Employees input all of their billing accounts into the app and Aise syncs with employee pay dates.

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Aise handles the rest.

The employee’s bills are paid via payroll deduction and distributed to all of the bill providers.


Know with certainty.

Employees are provided with real-time access to all of their financial obligations, savings goals, and credit score.

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Customize your needs.

Invite employees, enroll billers, and create a clear financial picture in just a few clicks.

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Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Healthy finances means healthy living.


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Improving physical health through financial certainty.

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